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Edmonton's #1 Small Business Bookkeeping
Accounting, & Tax Specialist!

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Our monthly bookkeeping services are customized just for small business owners, backed with a full understanding of your special needs, issues and deadlines. We handle all of your bookkeeping on monthly basis, keeping you well organized and government compliant.


  • When we input your client’s records into our system, we can advise you on a multitude of small business issues with thorough analysis.
  • We ensure that every month you receive all the information they need to accurately pay your taxes on time.
  • Each month we pick up and deliver your financial records to save you time.
  • You will receive a complete financial statement package every month.
  • We monitor your income for tax planning. We don’t want you to be surprised at year end with an unexpected tax situation!
  • Proper recordkeeping is an important administrative component for any business. However, it can quickly become a hassle. Padgett can help streamline procedures and minimize the time spent in this area of your operation. We can utilize reports from other systems such as Simply Accounting or supply our own FREE basic recordkeeping program.
  • We also prepare and file your GST returns quarterly or annually.

What do Padgett Customers have to say?

edmonton business owner"Padgett carved out a niche. They specialized in small business issues, but they did it with big business sophistication."


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