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Edmonton's #1 Small Business Bookkeeping
Accounting, & Tax Specialist!

Corporate Tax for Small Business

Padgett is the local small business tax specialist. We specialize in all the taxes that affect your small business: income tax, payroll tax, sales tax...any tax.


  • Our client’s taxes will always be prepared accurately because we understand small business issues and will work to have a sound understanding of their business.
  • Our local offices and national presence give us the ability and scope to understand federal, provincial and local tax laws and how they affect individual small business.
  • We guarantee prompt filing of completed tax forms, so you won't worry about meeting tax deadlines.

Did you think that seeing your tax preparer once a year is enough? Not at Padgett Business Services. We get to know our clients thru our personalized consultations and thoughtful tax planning to minimize your tax exposure and eliminate any surprises. We prepare thousands of business and personal income tax returns each year. When needed, we have a strong and seasoned support staff to assist in the most complex tax issues.

What do Padgett Customers have to say?

small business owner"I think of Padgett as my company's financial advisor. They're not down the hall, but their office is just a few blocks away."


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