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Payroll Services for Small Business

As small businesses experts it became apparent to us in the early 1990’s that there needed to be a better way for small business to process their payroll. Largely ignored and under-serviced by the large payroll companies our clients turned to us to solve the problem.

We are a full service payroll provider geared exclusively to you the small business owner. Our affordable rates, state of the art technology and of course, personal one on one service, makes us the number one payroll company for small businesses from coast to coast.


Our payroll accounting, payroll administration, payroll services and payroll processing services are designed to give you the peace of mind and allow your company to focus its resources on what you do best. Whether you are a small business or large, outsource your payroll management to us and let us worry about your payroll processing.

  • Easy start-up or conversion to our payroll service
  • Efficient, timely service with no penalties—guaranteed!
  • Extensive knowledge means our clients’ payroll is done right
  • Direct deposit to make life easier for business owners and their employees
  • Personal service that makes the difficult seem simple

What do Padgett Customers have to say?

business owner"I remember thinking my Padgett representative really did his homework, because he was so plugged into the realities of small business. Then it dawned on me, he runs his own Padgett office, which is a small business. He's talking from experience."


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